1) Among the following which one returns the value of a field in a recordset?

a) mysql_field_table()
b) mysql_field_name()
*c) mysql_result()
d) mysql_list_fields()

2) Which function returns column information from a recordset as an object ?

a) mysql_fetch_object()
*b) mysql_fetch_field()
c) mysql_field_name()
d) mysql_fetch_row()

3) Which function returns MySQL host info ?

*a) mysql_get_host_info()
b) mysql_host()
c) mysql_host_info()
d) mysql_get_host()

4) What is the use of the function mysql_info() ?

a) Returns the information about mysql server
b) Returns the current status the of the mysql server
*c) Returns the information about the last query
d) None of the above

5) Which function returns the error number of the last MySQL operation ?

a) mysql_num_error()
b) mysql_error_num()
c) mysql_error()
*d) mysql_errno()

6) Which function returns length of each output in a result ?

a) mysql_field_len()
*b) mysql_fetch_lengths()
c) mysql_fetch_length()
d) mysql_field_length()

7) What is the second parameter does in the function mysql_field_table(param1,param2) ?

a) Database connection resource id
*b) The numerical field offset
c) Result set
d) Database name

8) Which function checks whether or not the connection to the server is working ?

a) mysql_ stat()
b) mysql_ get_ server_ info()
*c) mysql_ping()
d) mysql_ pconnect()

9) How to fetch a result row as an associative array ?

*a) mysql_fetch_assoc()
b) mysql_ fetch_ row()
c) mysql_ fetch_ field()
d) None of these

10) What is the return value of the function mysql_select_db() in case of success ?

a) Link Identifier
b) Resource
c) Array of strings
*d) True


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