1. What are the differences between Get and post methods in form submitting, give the case where we can use get and we can use post methods?
Ans :-
In the get method the data made available to the action page ( where data is received ) by the URL so data can be seen in the address bar. Not advisable if you are sending login info like password etc. In the post method the data will be available as data blocks and not as query string in case of get method.

2. Who is the father of php and explain the changes in php versions?
Ans :-
Rasmus Lerdorf for version changes goto http://php.net/

3. How can we submit from without a submit button?
Trigger the JavaScript code on any event ( like onselect of drop down list box, onfocus, etc ) document.myform.submit();This will submit the form.

4. How many ways we can retrieve the date in result set of mysql using php?
As individual objects so single record or as a set or arrays.

5. What is the difference between mysql_fetch_object and mysql_fetch_array?
MySQL fetch object will collect first single matching record where mysql_fetch_array will collect all matching records from the table in an array

6. What is the difference between $message and $$message?
Both are variables only
$message is a variable and if used with print statement, the content of the $message variable will be displayed. Where as with $$message variable, the content of the $message will also be treated as variable and the content of that variable will be displayed. For ex: If $message contains "var", then it displays the content of $var on the screen.


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