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What is PHP? What are the differences between PHP 4 and PHP5?

Ans : PHP is a scripting language. Its referred as hypertext preprocessor.
PHP5 has more advanced class architecture than PHP4. Its has method
access properties like protected, public, private. The constructor,
destructor methods are changed in php5. Ie writing a constructor
function has been changed also there is no destructor in php4 version.
In PHP 5 version, there is , more advanced function added.
Exception were introduced in the PHP5 version.
In PHP5 new extensions like simpleXML, DOM were introduced.

What is HTTP? What types of HTTP requests do you know?

Ans : HTTP is HyperText Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol
used to transfer hypertext requests and information between servers
and browsers.
There are two types of http requests. They are GET method and POST method.

What is SQL? What RDBMSes do you know?

Ans: SQL is Structured Query Language. I have work
experience in Mysql. But I have knowledge about Oracle, Microsoft

What is web server? What web servers do you know?

Ans: A computer which can accept http requests from clients,
and can deliver these http response in the form of web pages.
The web servers I know are Apache ans IIS

What is the difference between HTML and XML? What markup languages do you know besides HTML and XML?

Ans: HTML is used for presentation. While the XML is used for
holding the data.
HTML has predefined tags. XML has no predefined tags.
We can use our own tags in XML. It is self descriptive language.
HTML is not case sensitive, while XML is.
In HTML the close tags are not mandatory, But in XML
its must one


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