Search engine optimisation tips

SEO Techniques

Well what you need to do is to try and get your web site listed as high as

possible in the results and there are a number of things you can do to help.
As 95% people using search engines only look at the top 20 search results,
it is important to get your web site as high as possible.

SEO factors to be considered:

. Page Title
2. Meta tags
. Page Content
4. Hyper Links
5. Images
6. Links to the Site- URL Exchange
. Site Using Frames
Page Title Make sure each page on your web site has a title in the head of the document.Many search engines use the title of the web page as the link to your site,so it is important that your title be as relevant and descriptive as possible. Example : Home page of Jesus youth India Meta tags Meta tags are one of the most important parts of a web page when it is indexed by a search engine.The description meta tag is very often used by a search engine to display a sort description of what your web page contains. Some search engines look at the keywords entered into the keywords meta tag and will use this to display your page in the search results if it is one of the words used in the search criteria.If you want your web site indexed then consider using Meta tags.Meta tags go in the head of your web page, in-between the HTML tags, and . There are a number of different Meta tags that you can use, but the most important ones are the Description and the Keywords Meta tags as well as having a title for the web page. Description This tag is used to give a short description of the contents of your web page,and is often used by search engines in the search results as a description of what your page contains.Example : official website,JY - is Spiritual youth movement dedicated to Christ"> Keywords To help get your web site up in the ratings you can supplement the title and description with a list of keywords, separated by commas.Most search engines will index the first 64 characters in this Meta tag. Example : content="Jesus,youth,JY,Emmavoos,Jesus Youth,Spiriual,Movement" > Revisit-After The revisit-after meta tag is useful for sites where the content changes often and tells the search engine how often to revisit your site. The example below will tell the search engine to revisit your site ever 31 days.. Example : Distribution Tells the search engine who the page is meant for and can be set to; global, for everyone, local, for regional sites, and UI, for Internal Use. Example : Robots This Meta tag is used is used to tell the search engine whether you want the web page indexed or not. The values for this tag are: - index(default) Index the page noindex Don't index the page nofollow Don't index any pages hyper-linked to this page none Same as "noindex, nofollow" Example : Meta Tag Example: Jesus Youth India Home page Page Content A number of search engines will index the first few lines of your web page, so try to make a the first few lines as descriptive as possible.Some search engines will even index your entire page. Hyper Links Try to place as many descriptive text links in your homepage to other relevant pages in your site as possible as search engines will use these links to index the other pages on your site.Usage : Issue21 Images Most sites these days contain images, so it is important that you use the ALT tag on any images to try and describe as much as possible what the image is of. Usage : my Magazine issue 21 Cover Image Links to the Site- URL Exchange Many search engines, including Google, will return your web site higher in search results by the amount of web sites that link to your site, also the higher the profile of the site that links to yours, the higher your listing is in search results again. Site Using Frames It's very difficult to get a good ranking on search engines if your Web site uses frames. The problem is that search engines do not index framed Web sites well. Actually, the search engines do such a poor job of indexing frames. If you must use frames on your Web site for some reason, make sure you use the NoFrames tag so that search engines can find some text to index. The NoFrames tag is a tag specifically for search engines that cannot read the actual pages in your frame set.


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